The Admin Life of Coach Novack

As we all know, there are lots of people in different positions or new teachers in the building. One of those new positions is Coach Novack, who was a PE and weights teacher, and is now the Athletic Director. He is still the head basketball coach, he has been coaching for many years. I interviewed him about the upcoming basketball season.

I had a series of questions to ask Coach Novack about the basketball season coming up and this is what he said. I asked him if he is excited for the season and he said,

“Yes! I think we have a good group of players coming back and coming in.”

Coach says that their ultimate goal for the season is to get better everyday and be able to make it deep into the playoffs. I asked him what his favorite part about coaching is and he said that he likes to be included in it and being around the kids everyday. I also asked Coach what players he thinks could have a good season and he said,

“A number of guys because of the work they have put in the offseason”

Coaches expectations for the season are to work hard everyday, act right, and make it deep in the playoffs

Considering how close the basketball team was to the state tournament last season I am hoping that this year for the longhorns will be better. I am pretty sure that there are also a lot of other people with high expectations for them too. 

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