Mr. Smith and His Two Jobs 

This is my first year at the High School and one of my teachers was already gone for a whole month. It was Mr. Smith because he is in the National Guard. Every now and then, he would leave for the Army to go serve in the National Guard. I read that every time he leaves school, he can’t be punished or get fired for missing school. Another thing I read from a website is that being a National guard is basically a “part-time job.”

Being a National guard helps you with scholarships, but it could be difficult if you’re in college. This is because you would need to take some time off to go to basic training, which you’ll never know when you’ll be activated. Once your initial training is done, then most of your time as a National guard will be one weekend a month, and two weeks in the summer. 

I then interviewed Mr. Smith about him having two jobs, the National guard and Teaching. 

I asked him which one is better, and he answered with mixed feelings.

“The school is more fun, but both of them have unique challenges.”

Another question is if they made him stressed and he answered with a specific answer.

“The army job is more stressful.”

I also asked what surprised him the most, which then he answered with an honest answer.

“How good Mrs. Harrel did to keep everyone caught up with Edgenuity.”

Even though Mr. Smith has only teached us for two days, he has honestly taught us well. I have learned more about Geography than I thought I knew. Even though he has two jobs, he seems to be doing pretty well with both. He’s also a pretty chill teacher, and helps you out a lot with your work. 

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