Social Media: A Tricky Situation

A lot of factors in our lives are determined by social media actions. Social media often controls many people’s lives more than we often give credit. Posting on social media, commenting, interacting, and also judging across the world because of the internet. 

Everybody gets their information from social media, whether it’s fake or real. People have gotten to the point where everything is believable if it came off the internet. Sometimes, it really will blow your mind regarding what people are gullible enough to believe.

Social media has also been the main source for people to bully others around. I believe that many people’s insecurities develop from social media. There’s always someone to compare yourselves to, or even standards that are set from other people. Personally, I believe that everybody develops a certain type of depression because of social media, which tells them that they aren’t good enough. Whether they aren’t good enough because they don’t have what other people do, or maybe because they just simply don’t have as many followers as what’s considered ‘popular,’ and that’s what the problem is with social media.

There are social standards for literally every little thing on the internet. A common experience is having people find out about your life, even people that you don’t want to find out, in other words: stalking. Really, if anybody has a problem with you, or a conflict, it is very easy for them to go straight to social media and find out everything about you. The internet is a disguised gateway to depression, anger, and judgement. 

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