My trip to Minneapolis

by Khai Cosner

During spring break, I went on a trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota with my girlfriend and her mom. We left Monday morning and stayed in Kansas City, and left for Minneapolis Tuesday morning. While we were in Kansas City, we went to “Dave N Busters”, and we went to a bunch of malls. When we got to Minnesota, it was very cold, and there was even a bunch of snow. The very first day in Minnesota we went to my girlfriend’s cousin’s house, and got unpacked. Then we went to eat at Raising Canes, which was very good. Thursday, we went to shop at another outdoor mall, and then we went to top Golf. The very last day we went to the “Mall of America” and shopped even more and we went to ride the rides inside the mall. After, we were all shopped-out, so we went to where the George Floyd situation happened. It was pretty cool to see all the memorials and the fists in the road, and all the bad writing on the walls “dissing” the cops. 

After all that, we got ready when we got home and packed and watched some college basketball. We left Friday morning and went to Kansas City to drop off my girlfriend’s aunt, and then we stopped in Lawrence and got some Five Guys. 

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