FFA Update

by Tyler Long

I interviewed an FFA member about what the club constitutes, as well as some other interesting things that they have going on. The student I interviewed was Branee Knoll, and the question I first asked was “What is FFA?” She replied saying that FFA is a school based group for students with and without agricultural backgrounds that can participate in activities that involve animals ranging from all kinds, as well as plants, farming, and even food products. She also said there are a plethora of activities to partake in, but the opportunities are endless.  of the many the students can participate in are contests for food science, livestock, ag sales, crops, vet science, etc.

After getting the main information about FFA, I wanted to include some of her personal feelings toward the club. So I asked her what she likes most about it, to which she replied, “The contests and meeting new people.” I then asked about some of the events they have going on soon, andI was told they have a livestock contest, as well as meets, food science, and welding. 

After interviewing the student I also got the chance to ask the advisor of the organization, Mrs. Venjohn. I asked her what the most important things are that she wants people to know about FFA, to which she said that she thinks the most important thing is that FFA is for all, and that there is something for everyone, not only people with agriculture rural backgrounds and that without agriculture, we would all be “naked and hungry.” 

In summary, FFA is a really good club to meet new people and learn a lot of super interesting things about the world.

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