Snowstorms in Finney County

by Tyler Long

Over the last week, Finney County was hit by a massive snow storm. With Garden City getting 8 inches of snow, Holcomb- 5.5, Scott City-11.3 inches, Modoc- 22 inches, Leoti- 10 inches, Tribune- 6 inches, Liberal- 1 inch, Cimarron- 7-8 inches, and Lakin- 4-6 inches. 

Even though Pratt only saw a few inches of snow, it still caused trouble for some travelers, including truck drivers who waited at a local Walmart for highway conditions to improve. In Kiowa County, one crash on Highway 54 shut down the highway for hours. While Interstate 70 reopened earlier Tuesday evening with the storm finally letting up, the impact on travel continued into late Tuesday night.

Highways in Southwest Kansas were also impacted by the snow. US-54 closed earlier Tuesday evening after a semi crash. For a few hours, this stranded some travelers in Pratt.

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