NFL Overtime Rules: Should a Change be Made?

by Kooper Tichenor

The NFL playoffs have been very crazy this year, with a lot of games only being won by a field goal. This past week the Kansas City Chiefs played the Buffalo Bills, and went down the field with only 13 seconds and scored a field goal, which tied the game as it ended. The overtime rules are the first to score wins, unless it’s a field goal, in which the other team gets a chance to score. The Chiefs won the coin toss and elected to receive, and they went down the field and scored, ending the game right there.. A lot of people were saying the only reason the Chiefs won was because of a coin toss. I don’t think that’s the only reason they won, but it was definitely a factor.

I personally think the OT rules need to change to how the NCAA conducts their overtime matches. They are each granted 1 possession on the opponents 25 yard line, and if they score, they have to run a 2 point conversion. If one team scores, and the other doesn’t, the team that scored wins. On the other hand, if they both score, or don’t score, they go into alternating 2 point conversions until one scores, and then the other doesn’t.

What do you think the overtime rule should be? Do you think it should change, or stay the same?

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