Holcomb Wrestling Preview

By: Olivia Wilds

Wrassling season is coming up, which means its recruiting season.  Wrestling may be on the top three of most dangerous highschool sports, but it’s fun. Wrestling is one of the best ways to get into shape. Despite the physical contributions, wrestling is also one of the most social sports. Just ask Alex Rodriguez, a wrestler of 11 years. 

In the interview I hosted with Alex, he stated that his favorite part of wrestling was traveling for the meets and hanging out with his friends. Meets help to grow community in a sport, which doesn’t only help for motivation, but it makes the experience more enjoyable.  They also help to push you towards your goals, and help you step out of your comfort zone. 

Alex is also the coach of the wrestling teams’ son, hints Rodriguez.  With this comes a lot of pressure, but he is very grateful because the outcome was rewarding. Being held to a higher standard can be stressful sometimes, but it is all part of your character development, mentally and physically. When asked if there is anything you need to possess in wrestling he stated, 

“Mental strength and physical strength, but mostly mental because practices are tough sometimes.”

Some mental negatives of wrestling are body image issues/eating disorders.  As a wrestler, your opponent is chosen based on your weight. They regularly weigh in to see what their weight class is, and most wrestlers tend to get obsessive with making weight. This can include starving yourself,dehydrating yourself, overeating, or excessive workouts.  The most common is starving yourself, but remember there are many other effective, healthy ways to make weight. It is more of a “mind game” that causes the problem. 

Now, let’s talk about the many positives.  Self discipline is one of the most important characteristics we need, and it is no lie that wrestling helps you to develop it. Wrestling also helps you create strategies, since it takes a lot of combination moves, not just strength. Although it can be very physically demanding, it all pays off in the end. 

Alex Rodriguez wanted me to include that wrestling is a sport more highschoolers should give a chance, and I couldn’t agree more.  He mentioned that it gives you something to do with your time, and really helps you get into shape for whatever other sports you play.  Wrestling has been proven to improve football, baseball, and soccer players. Even if you are not interested, or great at wrassling, it is a good experience that everyone should try. Even women, since they have recently added a women’s league in Kansas. 

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