The First ever Whataburger opening in Kansas

On November 15th of 2021 at 11 am, Lee Summit, Missouri opened their very first Whataburger restaurant in the Kansas City area. Many people drove up to Kansas city, from Missouri, Texas, and all of Kansas. Fans attempted to line up approximately 7 hours before opening time, just to be the first ones to ever get a taste of Whataburger, and what it’s really about. In that process, Lee Summit’s police officers were directed to strictly remove any customer who even tried to camp on the property.

Days before opening, Senior Area Manager, Mike Garza, had come up with a plan to keep each and every customer safe when the opening became grand. With that, entrances on the South of this Burger Joint became blocked off, leaving only one or two entrances open for customers to come in, and out. 

As customers waited 20 minutes to an hour just to get a single burger, many cars continued to run out of gas just in a single line. Tow Trucks were brought in because as a result just to pull cars out of line who had run out of gas. 

As some people chose to stay in line through all the chaos and traffic, others from even other states chose to turn around that day after seeing the amount of cars in line for this specific fast food restaurant, but as a day passed, they took the time to drive back up to Lee Summit all over again just to get a burger.

Although this isn’t Whataburgers only location planned for another opening, Whataburgers second location in a new Kansas City area will be opened on November 29th, along with 12 other locations in the Kansas/Kansas City area, through the Missouri area, from Late 2021, all the way until 2023.

As the locations of Whataburger continue to expand, fans will only grow crazier and crazier with the widespread popularity of this Burger Joint. With that, lines will continue to grow and so will payments and income. Although, as time goes on, Whataburger will continue to open freshly new catered locations all over the world. 

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