Kansas State will play Iowa State on November 21 at 3pm CDT in Ames. This rivalry is called Farmageddon.

75.9% of Holcomb students picked Kansas State to win, while 24.1% have Iowa State to win.

Even though everyone has an opinion, not everyone is going to watch. 56% said they won’t watch the game, 20% might watch the game, and only 24% said they will watch the game. 

Freshman Konar Brundgart picked Kansas State because they have a better offense. He also says they have a better IQ from the way they have been playing. The coach has experience as well so that is an advantage.  He thinks it will be a close game but he has K-State winning this one. 

Garrick Wells, senior, said,, “Iowa State will win because of Breece Hall. He will have 150 yards and two touchdowns.”

We will have to wait and see what happens.

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