NFL During a Pandemic

As players continue to test positive for coronavirus, the NFL is forced to keep their options for the season open. The NFL doesn’t have an answer to the rising number of COVID cases. They will struggle to keep the season going while the players continue to test positive.

One recent example is Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who has been put on an isolation list because he was said to be in close contact with a player who tested positive.

The effect of COVID varies widely. There are 56 players that have tested positive and are out right now. 

There is no doubt that the league has been testing players left and right daily, but there are still many problems with the way their protocol is being handled. There have been reports recently where players have tested positive for the virus but have still been competing in games. That puts players and coaches at risk for getting the virus. That is happening because the players tested on Sunday still get to play due to their tests not coming back before their game.

Nick Cox, freshman, hopes “they can take care of the virus and keep the season going so I can see the Chiefs win another Superbowl.” 

He added about the NFL’s handling of the pandemic, “I think they could do a better job on their protocols. They haven’t tried too hard it seems like.”

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