Student Life Of New Students

Being a new student isn’t easy. Mostly if it’s at a high school, because everyone already has their friend groups. They know who to hang out with and who not to hang out with, so for the new kids not to know anything it is hard for them. New kids don’t know everything that everyone else does. 

New students could end up choosing the wrong group of friends, and will only learn losing friends the hard way. Making new friends also makes them very nervous and makes them feel unwelcomed. First days are the worst because you try to impress everyone. Trying to make them think you’re a good person which could be true but sooner or later they’ll see who you really are. Leaving your friends behind is the last thing someone wants to do. You’re used to having friends that you already know a lot about, and leaving them is hard. 

I interviewed a new student named Hawk Vainerere. I questioned him about his feelings towards how he felt about being a new student, and he had a straight up answer.

“It’s fun.” 

Another question I asked is if being the new kid was awkward and he had mixed feelings.

“Not really but for others, yes.”

I also asked if he worried about what others thought of him and he had an honest answer.

“No, why would I care about that.”

I asked him what the difference was between his old school and Holcomb and he said it’s smaller. Last, I asked if he missed his old friends, and responded with him saying that he didn’t have any friends. 

“No, I didn’t have any real friends.”

The second person that I interviewed was Cassy Linder who has been a student at Holcomb her whole life. The question was what if she has learned over the years being at Holcomb she answered very truthfully.

“Trust no one because people that you go into school with won’t be the same people you go out of school with.”

I asked what her biggest mistake was and she said red flags.

“Not looking at the red flags.”

Last, I asked if she saw changes over the past years, and she answered with the extra 15 minutes of school.

There is not much of a difference between a new student and an old student. Both think school is very difficult, as do most students. Even after being at the school your whole life, it is still hard for you, you’re just more cautious. From when I first met Hawk, he was very quiet and kept to himself for days, and still does. With Cassy, she hangs out with her friend group and she’s very used to them. Both are very different but alike at the same time. One has it easier than the other. Once new kids get used to the people at the school, then they won’t have it as hard as they did in the beginning. 

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