A New Era of Football

By: Haley Burns 

Holcomb High School’s football team is having their first game against Goodland here Friday, September 6th, 2019. They are offering great, new, fresh performances this year.  After sub-par performances previous years, the team is trying new things. They’re all ready and prepared for this season to get off to a great start.  Holcomb is holding the stakes pretty high and are ready for anything. New year, new season, new us! 

“Every year we make an adjustment to our talent,” Coach Teeter said. “Changing the plays up and adding adjustments are key to making them better players.” 

The team has practice for 2 1⁄2 hours every day (except weekends) to make them better and better every day.

Oz Perez, a junior and one of the captains of the football team, discussed how previous seasons of playing football should help this year: “You know what you’re doing and have a feeling of which teammates you can trust.” 

Perez added, “We’re all excited. We’re all on the same page of what we want to come out of this season.”

It’s common knowledge that Scott City is our biggest nemesis. The vibe flowing through out the student body as always is that Scott City is a tough squad to beat, but this year Holcomb is putting a stop to that and it’s happening this season! 

The only way we’re going to beat Scott is working together, playing smart and getting all the support from all of Holcomb. This is the biggest and most exciting year yet! Some important games we would like you to attend are: (all would be nice but life happens) 9/6 Holcomb VS. Goodland @ Holcomb High School,  9/13 Holcomb VS. Scott City @ Scott City High School, 9/20 Holcomb VS. Colby @ Holcomb High School, 9/27 Holcomb VS. Nickerson @ Holcomb High School, and 10/18 Holcomb VS. Pratt @ Holcomb High School. 


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