Softball with Corn

by Nicole Ruda

Emma Cornelsen, or Linda, is a returning varsity softball player. Emma is one of the most aggressive, determined, and encouraging players I know. She helped the softball team make it to the state tournament last year. When asked what she is looking forward to this season, she said she was looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, and playing at regionals (pun might have been intended). 

This year, Emma plays shortstop. As of right now, the varsity team has a record of 4-2. They have swept Hugoton and TMP (Thomas Moore Prep), and lost two to Scott City. Emma said their toughest game was against Scott City, but they knew it would be a tough game after beating Scott in regionals last year to head to State. Softball’s game against Cimarron this week has been rescheduled due to wind. 

When asking Emma what her favorite thing about being on the softball team was, she said that they are all there together, cheering each other on. The support they have for one another shows the close relationships you grow while on the team. The team’s goal for this year is to get a little better each day, and to make it to state! 

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