Kansas Wins NCAA Championship

by Branee Knoll

On Monday, April 3rd, the Jayhawks pulled off the biggest comeback in a championship game to win against North Carolina, 72-69. Kansas entered this season’s NCAA tournament with 12-1 odds. In 2008, the team was the one who pulled off that improbable comeback, from nine down with 2 minutes left to play, to beat Memphis in overtime for the title, 14 years ago. Only 20% of people’s brackets had Kansas in the championship. 

It might have not looked good after storming out to a 7-0 lead for the second consecutive game, on college basketball’s biggest stage. The Jayhawks were outscored 40-18 for the rest of the half. At halftime, Kansas had a chance to regroup, self-correct, and a chance to make a comeback. KU dropped a 31-10 run on the eighth seeded Tar Heels to open the second half, and went on to outscore UNC 47-29 in the final 20 minutes. 

Coach Bill Self asked the team, “Which would be harder, being down 9 with 2 minutes left or being down 15 with 20 minutes left.” And they all said being down 9 with 2 minutes left. We can do this. 

These Jayhawks, who have believed all season that being the last team standing really was possible, knew they could still reach their goal for many reasons. They all believed in each other, believed in their path and believed that cutting down the nets an hour or so later was their destiny. And they went out and made it happen, shots falling, stops fueling, and scissors snipping. 

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