Our Inflating Economy

by Kooper Tichenor

Inflation has been a common economic problem for a very long time. Most recently, it has been rising quite drastically. Inflation is essentially where prices all around rise, while the value of currency remains the same. Prices rise due to increases in production costs, such as raw materials and wages. Prices of everyday items like energy drinks, bags of chips, and even prices in restaurants like Subway all find themselves rising. A simple “Bang” energy drink has risen from $1.60 to $2.99 plus in-stores. Another example would be Subway order forms for our high school away games for sports. For a 12 inch sub, chips, and a cookie during basketball season it was about $8. Now, during baseball season, for the same package it is $12. That’s a 50% increase in only a few months. 

The everyday citizen can help themselves beat inflation with two easy methods. One is by negotiating lower prices on everyday items such as groceries, drinks, snacks, etc. Another way the common person can help beat inflation is by postponing big ticket purchases like buying cars, homes, etc. I want everyone reading to stay positive during this tough time. 

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