Home Movie Review

by McKee Blackburn

Are you looking for an adorable and fun movie to watch? Let me hook you up with Home. This is a fantastic movie to watch with kids, family, and friends. This movie involves humans, as well as little alien-looking creatures called Boovs. The Boovs are always moving around and this time, they’re moving into planet Earth.

They kick the humans out of their town and houses, and move in. Anything that they think is useless is removed. “Oh” is a Boov that no one enjoys being around. He causes many problems for all of the Boovs. He runs into a girl named Tip, and they don’t get along at first. They then begin to build a bond and have a great time together. Oh decided to team up with Tip and help her find her mom that was taken away from her when the Boovs moved in. They create an amazing friendship and he is the most adorable thing.

The creatures are absolutely adorable. Everything about this movie will leave you in awe. You will instantly fall in love with this movie.

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