Why School Should Start Later

by Jordan Roth

Waking up early for school is one of the major negative aspects of school. Me and many others don’t think that we should be having to wake up so early. Most jobs don’t start as early as school, so we should get a longer time to sleep. The main reason why school should start later and we shouldn’t just “go to sleep earlier” is because teenagers especially have trouble getting tired before eleven. This is due to hormones and their “biological clocks.” This prevents them from getting adequate sleep which is especially important for us teenagers. 

There are other benefits that improve health including less of a dependence on caffeine, and a better circadian rhythm, which is the body’s natural schedule. Studies show that schools that start later have improved academic performance and attendance from students. The main problem with this is logistical issues, like schedules and extra curricular activities. Students could also just stay up later if they don’t have to go to school as early, and the problem wouldn’t be solved. I and many other students think that it would be better to start later in the day, and would let us get more sleep

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