Opinion: The US should Intervene in the Russia/Ukraine Conflict

by Khai Cosner

As everyone probably knows by now, Russia is Invading Ukraine. I have heard a bunch of debates on if the US should or shouldn’t get involved in this war. My opinion on this topic is that the US should get into the war. I think the US should get into the war because Russia is very weak right now. The Russian economy is crashing, with the Russian money basically worthless and countries are banning imports from Russia, where they get a lot of money. 

The US has a good enough Army to fight and win over Russia. The US spends 717 billion more dollars for our military than Russia, and we have a bunch of the newest and high-tech military equipment. We also have a bunch of other countries that are our allies that dislike Putin and what he is doing to Ukraine, so we will have a bunch of backup. The only downside is that if we went to war with Russia many Americans would die for Ukraine. My opinion on this is yes, Americans will die, but if Putin keeps getting bigger and more powerful, then he will cause many more people to die because he will try to take over more countries. There might not be another time where the Russians are more vulnerable than right now. 

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