“Country” is the Best Genre of Music

by Citlaly Martinez

Some music styles follow rebellious themes that encourage people to become troublemakers, and others clearly promote breaking the law and hurting others. Fortunately, country music usually pumps out positive values to listeners. Many, but not all. It follows positive messages that help people on a bad day, and it’s even great for dancing. While so many other genres in this generation are all about showing off a certain lifestyle, country music is about enjoying the outdoors and the people around you. Aside from just being fun and positive, a lot of country songs honor life in the USA. It makes sense given the All-American history of the genre. However, there are some similar genres in other countries, for the most part country music is an American thing. 

Another benefit of country music is that most of it is “family friendly.” It rarely has any bad words or other questionable lyrics, so you won’t find yourself covering the ears of little cowboys and cowgirls listening along. Now when you mix that with the first point about family values, you find that country music is a great art form to create an activity for families of all ages.

It came out of the folk and blues music in the South, and spread its way across America. Country music makes people feel proud of their country, which further proves why country music is the best genre.

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