Shootings in Garden City

by Jordan Roth

Garden City Police have arrested two people for a mruder and robbery, in which a 36 year old man was killed. On February 14 at 10:30 am, Garden City police officers were sent to reports of gunshots. They went to the 800 block of 5th street, where they found Jesus Hector Flores shot and in critical condition. He was then taken to the hospital, where he later died.  

After an investigation, the Garden City Police Department released that a 28 year old Dalton Pister and 18 year old Alexander Goetting were arrested in relation to the crime. Dalton Pister was found and arrested in Scott City, by the Scott City Police Department and Scott County Sheriff’s Department. The police took Alexander Goetting into custody. Goetting is currently being held on requested charges of first degree murder, weapons violations, and aggravated robbery. Pister is also held on requested chragers of first degree murder and aggravated robbery. There was then another woman, a 35 year old Nicole Kiesel. She was booked Thursday, February 17 on suspicion of felony interference and obstructing apprehension of a felon.

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