Russia vs. Ukraine

by Nicole Ruda

If you haven’t heard about Russia invading Ukraine, then you’ve probably been living under a rock. This all began with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

NATO offered Ukraine to join the alliance with other Eastern European nations after the collapse. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, took this as a threat. Putin considers Ukraine to be a part of Russia. There are a couple theories as to why Putin is trying to invade Ukraine. One theory is that Russia is trying to reform the Soviet Union. Another theory is that Russia is trying to reform the Russian Empire, which includes several of the NATO allies. 

In Ukraine, there are around 12,000 NATO troops and US soldiers as the first line of defense. There are also said to be 22 Fighter Jets in the Eastern region. Could this invasion lead to World War III? While inevitable war is a scary thought, Americans can still use this time as a way to come together in a time of division, if America is to get involved. 

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