by Tyler Long

Elon Musk, owner of Tesla and other major companies has started a company that’s plan is to make “brain chips” for everyday use. These brain chips are meant to enable you to interact with everyday technology without any physical movement. The chips will be implanted into the back of the brain. The chips will receive brain waves and interpret them into directions which will be sent to whatever device you are wanting to interact with. The chips have not had any human trials, but there have been plenty of animal trials. The animal trials have been mostly successful. Although the animal trials have gone well, they can’t have any human trials until they have built a robot that can do the brain procedure with extreme precision, as the human hands are not quite capable of doing so. 

The possibilities of this technology are endless, and it has the potential to change humans and society forever. Once they have made the robot that is capable of doing the procedure, they have already started making an app named “Neuralink” that you can install onto your device(s) and then interact with the app. The app is made to help the user improve control and use of the brain chip. 

Although it sounds promising, there are some speculations about this technology, as the view of it from a governmental perspective is quite crazy and dangerous. There could be soldiers that are specifically trained to be able to control weaponry using the brain chip with extreme precision. 

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