College Prep: Braxton Sizemore

By: Kooper Tichenor

College is a very busy lifestyle, and can be very challenging, especially if you are a student-athlete. A lot of kids do not know their plans for college, and usually scramble to find somewhere to go towards the end of the year. That is not the case for Braxton Sizemore, though. He is almost set completely on what he is doing.

Braxton is a senior here at Holcomb Highschool. He is involved in Basketball and Track. He is a teammate of mine, so I have gotten to know him quite well. I asked him a few questions about his plans for college. He plans to attend GCCC for his first 2 years. While he is nervous for his classes, he is still very excited to meet and talk to new people. He wants to run cross country and track at GCCC. He plans on majoring in either business or accounting.

Even though Braxton seems to have it all figured out, it’s okay if you don’t. You still have plenty of time to figure things out. College can be fun, but also very scary and nerve racking, but trust the process and you will be all set for the long run.

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