A Look Into HALO

By: McKee Blackburn

HALO stands for Hispanic American Leadership Organization is a big club, with many members at Holcomb High School. Bella Ibarra is a senior, and she is actively involved with HALO while also serving as the president. Bella is very educated with all that Halo has to offer, so I went to her with some questions.

I asked Bella how she feels that the Halo activities have gone so far. She told me, “I feel like the activities have gone really well, so far. With Covid, it was a little harder with precautions, but we made the best of it.”

I was informed that HALO has a big senior trip coming up, so I asked her questions about that. This trip is for the seniors that have been involved in HALO for the past three years. She explained, “Us seniors are taking a field trip to San Antonio, Texas on April 7-10. We are planning to visit one of the biggest festivals there, which is called Fiesta Mexicana. This trip is for the seniors to thank them for all they’ve done for Halo.” 

When asked if she has enjoyed Halo, she responded with, “Yes absolutely! I have been in Halo for the past four years and becoming president was one of my best memories in Halo. It gave me the opportunity to lead a group and have fun!” 

Halo is for everyone, even us gringos. If you don’t know what club to join, join Halo!

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