Top 5 Sneakers of 2021

by Khai Cosner

2021 was a crazy year for sneakers, as almost ninety pairs of Jordan’s alone dropped in 2021. Hundreds of thousands of shoes sold in 2021 because the sneaker scene is starting to become a lot bigger, and more people are starting to join the “sneaker culture”. With so many people starting to join, everything becomes crazier with the drops because more people want to win the shoe for cheap. When the drop is over, the shoe price can jump around fifty to thousands of dollars. With that, let’s look at the top five Jordan sneakers sold in 2021.

The most popular shoe of 2021 is the Nike Dunk Low Retro Black and White, or “Panda Dunks”, with around 60 thousand pairs sold. I have personally wanted this shoe, but I haven’t purchased it because the price is high right now. In the number two spot comes the Jordan 5 Retro Raging Bull Red. These Jordan’s have sold around 53 thousand pairs, and while I personally think these are ugly, a bunch of other people must think these are cool. In the number three spot is the Jordan 1 Retro High White University Blue. This shoe is beautiful, and the color of these just rock so I’m somewhat surprised these aren’t higher, but they sold around 43 thousand pairs.

Coming in at number four is the Jordan 6 Retro Carmine. This shoe is one of my wants because the red and white compliment each other, and it’s a good shoe. Just a little under 42 thousand pairs have sold. The final most popular sneaker in 2021 was the Jordan 11 Retro Low Legend Blue. This shoe’s colors are pretty cool, but I personally would not wear these. Apparently many other people would, however, because around 39 thousand pairs were sold in 2021. These were the Top 5 Jordan Sneakers sold in 2021.

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