Interview with a Holcomb Wrestler

by McKee Blackburn

The Holcomb wrestling team has been having a great season. They have the Rocky Welton meet coming up in GC, and another big meet for them is the GWAC in Scott City. I interviewed Chris Harris, who is a senior wrestler at Holcomb this year. 

I asked him a couple of questions, starting with how he thinks he is doing this year. Chris responded saying he “has had a great year so far with high placings at tough tournaments.” My next question for him was how he has improved from when he first started wrestling, and also how he has improved this year. He said, “Since I have started wrestling, I have learned to not give up and keep pushing. I have improved this year by getting stronger and improving my technique.”

My last question to round up my interview with Chris was about what his most important meet will be, coming up. Chris said, “My most important meet will be regionals in Andale, because if I don’t place, I don’t get the chance to go to state.”

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