College Preparation: Nicole Ruda

by Citlaly Martinez

College could be serious to many in different aspects, but getting prepared for it might just be a little confusing. Here are some ways to prepare for college. First, you need to make sure you’re up to date with any college or loan applications. Have college visits, such as a campus tour. You could also create an organization plan to help you keep up with what you must do. You also need to apply for college admission, financial aid and scholarships. Also, considering the current predicaments, you should find out about Covid-19 with the college, as many colleges are requiring Covid-19 vaccines for students. Some colleges are charging unvaccinated students for Covid-19 testing.

Along with that, you should be sure to set yourself up prior to college, and take the right high school courses in regards to any potential major you might find yourself studying in the future. Lastly, an easy step that anyone can take to make college prep time easier than it typically is would be to prepare and try your best on any college entrance exams, such as the ACT or SAT. Learn your schedule on campus often, and remember to stay safe as well.

I interviewed Nicole Ruda about her college preparations. I first asked her if she was going to college and if so, where? She answered, “I am going to Garden City Community College for a year then I go off to Hays.” I then asked her what her favorite college was at the moment, and she then answered, “Garden as of right now.” I asked her what she anticipated from high school to college and she replied with, “I think it’s going to take more learning but it will be nice to not have to go to all of my classes.” Looks to me as if she is ready! Lastly, I asked Nicole if she enjoyed her time at Holcomb, and she said that she has.

I hope this article helps you prepare more for college.

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