Top 3 Ben Shapiro Altercations 

by Tyler Long

Benjamin Aaron Shapiro is an American conservative politician, commentator, and media host who likes to debate about political and social topics. While Shapiro has had a multitude of “heated debates,” these upcoming altercations are my personal favorites.

  1. At a meeting for discussion in Ferris State, Ben Shapiro was confronted by a Trans-rights and boy scout activist. During this altercation she said “Where does it say that girls can’t be a boy scout?”. Ben then replies saying “In the name boy scouts.” The altercation ended with the woman being completely humiliated.

  1. On the Dr. Drew show, Zoey Tur and Ben Shapiro were brought onto the stage and were debating about if Transgenders are, in fact, the gender they identify as while also debating about Caitlyn Jenner. At the very beginning of the show, it was getting very heated. At one moment in the show, Zoey gets mad at Ben Shapiro for saying that she is biologically a man, and after him saying that, she tells him that she will “send him home in an ambulance.” Ben then says that isn’t very professional.

  1. On the show PoliticKing, Ben Shapiro got into a heated argument about the border and the road to citizenship being two separate things, or one thing. He said that they aren’t the same thing, because he thinks the border should be secured, and then the road to citizenship being fixed simultaneously, as it causes false hope of getting amnesty if crossing before the deadline. 

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