College Prep: McKee Blackburn

by Jordan Roth

Graduation is fast approaching for this year’s seniors. There are many ways that can help make their transition much easier. I asked a senior McKee Blackburn, who is going to college next year, a few things. She said she would be going to Garden, and was most looking forward to meeting new people. She said that the preparation she would take for college would be staying on top of things, being organized, and try her best

Here is a checklist of a few things that you should prepare for when going to college:

Prepare for college tests, study and do your best. Before the year ends, there will be ACT tests on February 12th and April 2nd. You will have to register before. These tests can be used to evaluate how much money you can receive in financial aid, and acceptance into the college.

Before college, you also need to see if you can get any scholarships or potential financial aid which is financial help given to students like scholarships. You should also try to learn the area and have a planned schedule and plans for what you will do without your parents.

 Using these tips has helped a lot of college students and they can help you prepare for college and save money making the change less stressful.

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