Christmas In Mexico

by Tyler Long

With Christmas break just coming to a conclusion, as like every year, there were a lot of our students that took a trip to Mexico. Mexico is really different in a lot of ways, and many of them you wouldn’t even expect.

I interviewed two students that went. I asked Yaridel Gutierrez and Sarahy Salamanca about what people should expect when they go and here is what they said. First, they said to make sure you have money for the bathroom. Yes, that sounds crazy, but businesses do charge for you to use their bathroom as well as charging extra for toilet paper. They also say that when you stop at a stop sign, sometimes there will be people who clean your car and expect a tip but you aren’t forced to give one. I also asked about what others could potentially do if they were to visit in the future. They said that actually going on walks is probably the best thing to do, but if you’re not the “go on a walk” type of person, then they also said that going to parties and eating homemade street food are also really fun and exciting. 

I asked Yaridel if she had any other information she would like to share, and she said, “If you don’t have a heater, be expected to heat your own water.’’ I then asked Sarahy the same question, and she said, “The parties are big and fun.’’ 

After hearing about Mexico, if you’re planning on going to Mexico, there are plenty of people that you can talk to for suggestions. Seek these people out!

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