By: Elizabeth Chanocua

People usually go to Leadville, Colorado for the summer to hike, bike, and sometimes just for fun. Whenever winter comes around, there are also fun things to do, such as skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. It was the center of the “Wild West”, because usually wealthy business men and other people would usually go over there. They also have a Mining Hall of Fame for all the miners who worked in mines. There is also a museum which (I’m guessing) some tourists go to if they are actually curious about the History of Leadville Colorado. I interviewed my friend, Lizeth Leandro, who actually went to Leadville, Colorado over Thanksgiving break. 

Out of all the places to go to, why would she go to Leadville Colorado?

“It has been a while since my last visit.”

Whenever you stayed over there what things seemed fun for you to do?

“I just went to go see my family and to celebrate Thanksgiving with them.”

Would you ever consider going back again?

“Yes, because I really had fun.”

I think she had fun. I also think it’s good to travel, so you can have fun and not have to worry about anything that may be putting you down at home. So, this upcoming Christmas break you should consider taking a trip. Of course, not just to Leadville Colorado if you don’t want to, but just a trip to anywhere you’d like could be beneficial. 

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