Spain’s La Palma Volcano

by Yaneli Contreras

On September 19, 2021, La Palma Volcano, located in La Palma, Spain, erupted, and has still continued to erupt even to this day. La Palma has erupted a total of 8 times from 1470 to 2021, but the eruption in 2021 has been by far the most destructive eruption yet, causing a total of one death and 20 earthquakes all in just one day.

A 72-year old man was spotted dead while a drone hovered over the city and pointed out a hole open in the roof of a house located in an exclusive area that could only be entered with permission. He was spotted with a volunteer group cleaning up ashes of the volcano from their homes by standing on the roof and brushing them off. Police are still unaware of the cause of death, but they are suspecting that the roof collapsed while he was on it and fell through.

Not only was death caused, but so was 7 million dollars worth of damage to La Palma in total, destroying villages, schools and thousands of homes all before it touched sea ten days after erupting. 

Hard Rock Lava has fallen off cliffs on the west coast of the island adding on as a coastline and has only continued to spread ever since. 

More than 6,000 people have evacuated, including 400 tourists that visited La Palma around that time, causing chaos and panic. Every single person in La Palma questioned whether it would end and when it would end.

Although, as news continues to spread, so has the lava that has come with the eruption. Thousands of families have lost their homes and belongings, all in one with this unexpected eruption and as the whole island continues to submerge in this hard rock lava, it will also be waiting to be rebuilt once again after this heartbreaking tragedy has touched the heart of each and every person who made La Palma known as home.

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