Lee Richardson Zoo: New Additions and Departures

by Nicolas Alvaraz-Sanchez

Lee Richardson Zoo, located in Garden City, has had a lot of new events and additions in2021. Just a week ago, they published an article on The Garden City Telegram that they wanted to push vaccinations for their animals against Covid 19. Just six days ago, The Garden City Telegram also posted another article about their big cats.  

Ever since the tigers in New York tested positive, PETAis pushing to vaccinate all animals in captivity. The staff at the zoo are prioritizing the then susceptible animals they have. Staff are also working with the animals on voluntarily accepting injections. The zoo has said this about the current state of the lions 

“Our lions have recently exhibited some sneezes, coughs, and nasal discharge and their energy level and appetite has been down. Tests to confirm the coronavirus have not been done but all precautions are in place and the cats are being closely monitored. Each cat is presenting a little differently so they’re each being treated individually based on their needs,” LRZ Director Kristi Newland said.  “Zoos are really good about sharing information so based on previous cases at other facilities, there’s information that we can pull from. Based on the current veterinary assessment these are mild cases and the cats are getting better.” 

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