Is Taking Phones Away A Good Thing For Sports Teams? 

by Kendrick Wallace

A Texas Tech basketball coach recently banned cell phones. The senior captain, Norense Odiase, made an announcement at a team dinner that every player should turn their phones in, and see if that helps improve their focus for the game. The next day, at the end of the game, the score was 66-54, as they had won. After they had won, the head coach put a ban on smartphones for away games, not just the night before the entire trip. Norense Odiase said that it was never his idea. After a while of getting used to the ban, the team started to accept that it is here to stay.

The way I see it is that the coach did not register the idea the same way the team captain did. This is why people need to slow down, and really listen to what people are saying. If people do not listen to each other, then this world can not make it. One team member said something that changed the team forever. 

One thought on “Is Taking Phones Away A Good Thing For Sports Teams? 

  1. I like that you presented this as a true information piece, now an opinion piece. And listening is indeed very important, and so is expressing your true intent well. Misunderstandings are bound to happen but listening and speaking clearly and precisely is so important.


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