Global Segregation

by Nick Varner

In today’s age, racism is still an ongoing global problem that we still haven’t found a solution to. In many ways, it affects a wide variety of people, however, since some races have different histories, one is always favored and defended. I’m convinced that it is not often realized that all lives and all races matter. Not just black people, Mexican, Indian, White, etc… all of us are equal. But the attention is always focused on one race. 

It is very easy to identify racism in this world, because it is so out of control. It is such a big deal that a lot of people are open about how racist they are. Some people will literally announce how racist they are and how they openly hate different colors of skin. Personally, I think that nothing has changed about this, because of the approaches everybody takes on the issue. Often when people try to approach this topic they come in an aggressive way, and it’s also very common for the counterclaim to be insulting. There are situations when statements are often mistaken or misunderstood, and it tends to lead to way bigger conflicts then need be. Racism is so bad that some races own a certain curriculum in the way their life is supposed to go. For example, being a gangster and gang affiliated has been associated with black people. It is very wrong for one race to judge another for the mistakes that other people of that race did. In this situation, one bad human does not mean all humans are bad. Nobody needs to mistreat others because of a person’s skin color. Not to mention, the only thing that kids are doing with racism is promoting it, such as joking about racism, and using racial slurs as comedy. If generations continue to grow up like this, then racism will never cease to exist. Continuing to get worse year by year, racism is something that needs to be eradicated. Especially now, I feel like our generation, and the ones to come, have much better situations going for them than in the past. So, in conclusion, if you are racist, grow up and mature. Quit assigning yourself the right to judge and discriminate. 

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