College Prep: Kendrick Wallace

by Kaleb Smitherman

College can be a very scary thing, but if you have a plan, it can be less stressful. Kendrick Wallace is a Senior here at Holcomb High, and he has chosen to continue his education at Garden City Community College. Kendrick will be attending Garden to stay close to home to help run Baker Boot Co., a business in Garden City, on Kansas Avenue. Kendrick’s choice of major is Business, as he hopes to one day  own an orthopedic store of his own. 

“I wanted to stay close to home, originally I wanted to go to a trade school but staying close to home was more important to me” 

Kendrick is mixed about being excited and not interested about college, but thinks it will be a great opportunity to pursue his dream. Best of luck to Kendrick next year at GC3!

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