Why Pineapple Shouldn’t go on Pizza

Does pineapple go on pizza. It is a controversy that tears this world apart. It separates friends, and creates enemies. This controversy is like the +4 card in uno, as it makes you hate people. Lots of people think “yes”, but lots of people think “no”. 

I went around the school to ask people if pineapple belongs on pizza. Asking people this question  made me change my thoughts on a lot of people I used to admire. I was expecting that the majority of people would say “no, it doesn’t belong on pizza.” I was a little sad and disappointed in our school with the results. 40% of people that I asked said “yes, pineapple belongs on pizza”, while 60% of people said it doesn’t belong on pizza. I asked 2 people their thoughts about it and one of them said pizza doesn’t belong on pizza and the other said yes. Kaleb thought about pineapple  on pizza  is

“Fruit pizza with pineapple is fine, but if you put pineapple on marinara sauce and cheese, you can catch these hands, and if you have a problem make sure you come see me.” 

The other person that i asked was Mr.Duerksen, and what he said about it was, 

“I LIKE PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA, it is a good contrast of taste.” 

Overall, pineapple on pizza is a big controversy and makes you change your thoughts on people. My thoughts are PINEAPPLE DOES NOT BELONG ON PIZZA. I am pretty disappointed with the result from what people think about this. What do you think about pineapple on pizza? 

One thought on “Why Pineapple Shouldn’t go on Pizza

  1. I don’t like pineapple on my pizza either, but please, don’t hate others or think less of them for having different tastes. I know you are having fun with this, but we need to be tolerant of those with different ideas, including what to put on their pizza! (By the way, cheese is the only acceptable topping! 😎


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