The Struggles After High School

By: Olivia Wilds

College is something that many students are either oblivious to, or extremely prepared for. Life after highschool tends to stir up a lot of anxiety in students.  Money, schooling, housing, time, and knowledge are just some of the main factors that fit into your future, after highschool.  College is seen as an entry to your future, of course not everyone goes to college but for those who want to, this article is for you. 

College is different for everyone, especially when it comes to specific careers.  Different work-forces consist of different requirements.  For example, the medical field is seen as much more expensive than the college expenses for someone who wants to be a teacher.  Different fields also require different types of knowledge. The knowledge needed to be a lawyer drastically contrasts to the knowledge needed to be a chief. With this in mind, comes a lot of pressure, especially for a student who still has highschool responsibilities. Just ask Yessenia Hernandez, a senior at Holcomb High School. 

Some of the hardest tasks she deals with as a highschooler is keeping her grades up, ACT scores, and time management. Time management is a big one for her, since she has two jobs to help save up for future expenses.  Something that also helps with tuition is scholarships, which she mentions can also be difficult to earn.  

Yessenia wants to major in marketing, and minor in graphic design, starting out at the Garden 

City Community College, then later transfer to Wichita state to finish her bachelors. Some of the different types of jobs in marketing that she is interested in are real estate and social media marketing.  Real estate agents, on average, make from 40k-80k a year in Kansas.  This is more than the average home health aide in Kansas. 

It seems that Yessenia has most of her college career figured out, which is more than I can say for many other students at this school.  It’s okay to not know what you are doing in the future, but preparation is key for anything whether that be savings, interests, living circumstances, and more. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about what your life is going to look like after highschool. 

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