Mexican Christmas vs. Salvadoran Christmas

by: Lizeth Leandro

Christmas can be one of the most wonderful holidays for all cultures.  not all cultures celebrate Christmas the same way as other cultures. I think that it is good that every culture has its own traditions. So that’s why I decided to interview Nataly Canales and Nic Almaraz.  are from different countries and I would like to know how they celebrate Christmas. I asked them what food they prepared for Christmas and Nic responded happily.

“We make tamales and rice.”

I’m Mexican and we also do tamales, pozole, menudo, birria, and tacos. I also asked Nataly the same thing, and she answered happily.

“Panes rellenos.”

For those who don’t know what panes rellenos are, they are (stuffed bread) are warm sandwiches, often made with chicken, carne asada, or turkey. I also asked them if they would have a big party, and their answers were.

Nataly-“Yes we do have a big party because it’s the birth of Jesus.”

Nic- “I don’t think so, it’s just me and my family.”   

My family and I have a big party and we also do gift exchanges ecause it makes it more fun. I really hope that they enjoy Christmas with their family and enjoy the small things.

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