Opinions on Awareness

In high school, people often judge a lot. It can certainly be something that affects a person. People walk around and judge without taking into account that they may not know everything about that person. So many people often carry way more on their shoulders than realized.
High school can be a rough experience for many that have been through traumatizing times. The only way people adapt is to be someone they are not. Honestly, it is sad to see it in some people you wouldn’t expect. The way high school builds students to only like certain ideas and “hate on” the good achievements. So much controversy within the high school will have people believing whatever is said. It sadly turns everybody into gullible teenage students.

It’s crazy to see some of the differences between a teenager at school, and at home. Although students are not at all to blame either, because even the adult teachers in high school have their own gossip, drama, and judgement. Consequently, all of that is just a part of life. Not to mention, a permanent part of life. It seems that it is just something that you can’t get out of your life and I believe that’s because everybody, including all generations, know exactly what I’m talking about. We all had the same high school experience where there are certain groups separated between each other because of the things you do, and stuff you own. 

So, in conclusion, we need to find a way to change the same old “high school experience” into something where students don’t judge and the scale is even throughout the school. By finding a way to change a person’s judgement about all of it, everybody will not have the feeling to hide who they truly are. 

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