Legality of the LGBTQ Community

By: Nevaeh Sauseda

Over the last 2 decades, the legalization of same sex marriage has sparked a wildfire of promotion of the LGBTQ community. The fight to legally make this a law was drawn out and was widely celebrated and criticized. While this community can be seen as a human rights issue by many supporters, I firmly believe that the LGBTQ community is highly political and should not have been legalized. I think this way because it is unnatural and opens doors for further issues.

Supporters of this lifestyle would disagree and say that being LGBTQ is natural, a human right, and should be focused on. I would say that practicing a lifestyle like this is not natural because of the harm it can cause both physically and emotionally. Physical harm is the first that we can look at. STD’s play a major part in proving that it is not natural. STD’s are not a natural occurrence and members of the LGBTQ community have a much more drastic rate of contraction. According to an article made by, 1 in 6 gay or bisexual men will contract HIV in their lifetime. According to the, only 10% of straight men will contract the same disease. 81% of all HIV cases are from gay or bisexual men alone. While we can look at this as only one example, we can not ignore the statistics on how different the numbers are. 

Looking at the stats of how a physical change can possibly occur, we have to see the mental part of it. Before the legalization of same sex marriage, it was often argued by non supporters that being gay was a disease, a mental disorder. While these are very harsh ways to describe it, I don’t think these terms are far from the truth. While society discrimination plays a part in this, the suicide rate is much higher in an indiviual struggling with same sex attraction, than a straight individual. Our brains are not psychologically prepared to endure the confusion that comes along with being attracted to another gender. According to the book, “Nature in Sexual Design”, Author Steven B Levigne writes “Derogation enhances sexual expression.” This comes to show that our surroundings definitely have an effect on the way we show our desires. It is a complete mentality setback. This does not invalidate the feelings and “love” that a person has for another, but it shows that there’s a deeper, generic, and psychological problem going on that needs to be addressed and treated. The suicide rate has to be the most proving statistic that an LGBTQ person struggles more than a straight indiviual. The rate comes to show that a gay person is 6 times more likely to commit suicide than a straight person, according to an article by 

Additionally, legalizing same sex marriages opened doors for much deeper issues. Polygamy has been illegal in the U.S for as long as the nation was made. Same sex marriage has popularized and has gone as far as promoting multiple people in a union of marriage. By not legalizing multiple-people marriage, we can accurately say that it is not natural and it is morally wrong to have multiple people in a union, so why is it so hard for us to realize the unsettling nature of same-sex marriage? 

There are many arguments to counter either side of this controversial issue. I think that the most proving will always be the endless psychological and ever-growing potential issues that this struggle and sin can cause. Being able to see the amount of issues we opened ourselves to by legalizing this, just shows why it should not have been legalized in the first place. 

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