Chinese ready to Invade Taiwan

by: Miri Muniz 

The Chinese Military is currently working on being able to invade Taiwan. The Chinese military is able to land at least 25,000 troops on the island. China recently tested a hypersonic missile which is a missile that can travel at least 3,800 miles per hour. The American analysts fear it could undermine U.S. deterrence. When the chief was asked about how likely China’s invasion really is, he replied and said he doesnt think it is likely in the near future like six, twelve, or even twenty four months. 

The reasoning behind this is because China is currently building the capability to provide options like that to the national leadership in the near future. With that being said, American military officials recently estimated that China may prepare to attempt to retake the island within the next six years. China disagrees and believes it will be much sooner than that. China recently explained that the most important thing for the U.S and Taiwan is to remain sober and rational, and to not get caught up in politics, considering no one can predict when they will decide to attack. 

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