Ahmed’s Trip 

Everyone goes on trips now-and-then, and sometimes they are fun and worth sharing.  Ahmed went to New Mexico and had a blast a couple weeks ago. I asked Ahmed specifically where he went in New mexico and he said,

“Clovis, New Mexico for my Aunt’s birthday”

I then asked him if it was planned, or not, and he said that it was. Now knowing about the wedding, I asked him how that went.

“I liked it a lot, it was nice and the food was really good.”

Weddings are always fun especially when you know they have a lot of food.The next question I had for our friend Ahmed regarded his favorite part of the whole trip.

“Getting out of town for a bit.” 

My very last question for Ahmed was regarding where he stayed overnight while on his trip.  

“Hotel 326 in the best western inn. They got ‘hella’ comfy beds.” 

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