2021-2022 Winter Cheer Season

by Ana Macias

With the new winter season starting, cheerleaders are working hard everyday at practice to encourage school spirit. Other than basketball games, they are also preparing for a few more activities this winter. 

Cheerleaders are attending every single basketball game to encourage the basketball players by cheering them on, of course, but they do so much more. They keep the crowd engaged, and lead them to cheer on the players by amazing them with stunts. Every year, the high school cheer and dance team hosts a little girls clinic where kids from the elementary school sign up to learn dances, cheers, and stunts. Once the program is over, all of the cheerleaders and all of the kids perform during halftime at the girls’ basketball game. Our cheerleaders are also preparing for the annual cheer competition in Garden City. They choreograph and practice a routine to perform throughout most of the season until February, when the competition is held. 

Holcomb High’s cheerleaders work hard everyday to bring the school spirit. It may not be considered a sport by most but they put in just as much, if not more, work and hours in to keep the crowd,  and players, happy. 

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