Why ICE Should Be Abolished

By Ana Macias

ICE has affected billions of people and families all over the world. It has it’s good aspects, but it has also separated and devastated all families, even families who are still together. The heat of conversations regarding whether or not ICE should be abolished or not has risen immensely.

ICE has been around since the beginning of time. The Ice Age changed life all over the world. This was one of the first instances in which ICE devastated families. People aren’t the only ones affected. Animals, insects, and even land have been victims of ICE’s cold heart.  Not only has ICE separated families, but it has also killed many. Hundreds of species have gone extinct due to the effects of the Ice Age. Have you ever wondered why no one alive now remembers what Sid the Sloth looked like in real life? Or Manny? Or Diego? ICE has caused starvation as well. There are probably thousands of squirrels that never got to eat their acorn. 

Although ICE has been around for as long as humans can remember there are still ways to completely abolish it. With the increase of concerns on climate change and global warming, this is the perfect time to take action. It won’t happen overnight. Everyone around the world has to work together to make this happen. Many people believe that global warming is bad and should be stopped. Instead of being so pessimistic, it is best to look on the bright side of things and embrace it. 

ICE isn’t all bad though. Not only do Ice Cubes make our drinks cold, he also is an extremely multi-talented rapper. He is one of the most influential rappers and actors. Luckily, his movies and music won’t die whenever he perishes 

In hopes of abolishing ICE completely, we’ll regularly ask ourselves, “ Are We There Yet?” We just have to stay patient. After all, we might never know how close we are. It could happen on “Friday’ or “Next Friday” or even the “Friday After Next.” We just have to “Ride Along” 

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