Hispanic Cultural Awareness

By: Elizabeth Chanocua

Hispanic Heritage doesn’t have a time frame. Usually, we celebrate in different forms such as partying almost every weekend. Hispanics make up more than 18% of the U.S. population. Some have very big families, and some they have never even met before. Punishments can be very creative sometimes. There are many popular foods and telenovelas that are really interesting. They have made a huge impact in the music industry throughout centuries. With these cultural influences, they’ve made a big impact in the world. I interviewed Citlaly Martinez and this is what she had to say. 

I wanted to know what her thoughts are on Hispanic culture awareness.

“It’s pretty dope.”

Next, I asked about the most pressing issue regarding Hispanic Heritage Awareness.

“Probably NARCOS!”

Lastly, I asked about potential steps we can take to spread more awareness regarding Hispanic Heritage. 

“Don’t buy drugs and be careful with dudes with beards, boots, and BIG buckles.”

You heard her. There is so much more to it, but you could find that out for yourself if you really want to know. The most important thing to have is family and respect.

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