How to Become a Teacher 

By: Olivia Wilds


Being a teacher, as a full-time career choice, is often very overlooked.  Many people may never understand, not only the struggles, but the benefits of being a teacher.  Being a teacher can improve many of your social skills, impact others lives, give you security, and more.  Some of the things we will be discussing are the benefits, negatives, college and education, and even an interview with one of the best teachers in Holcomb Highschool. 

What are the benefits of being a teacher?

Many people, when thinking about their future careers, tend to heavily prioritize the salary aspect.  Although teachers don’t get paid quite as much as surgeons and anesthesiologists, their pay isn’t as bad as most people assume it is.  Teachers make around 40-60 thousand a year, which is actually within the average livable income in the United States.  

Aside from the money you will be receiving, you also won’t have to worry about paying off a bunch of debt, as long as you are smart with your money.  Trey Teeter, in an interview, explained that he doesn’t have any debt because he had many scholarships, most being in track, and made smart college decisions.  Thinking this far ahead into the future can be scary sometimes, but as one of the youngest teachers at the high school, Trey Teeter seems to very much enjoy teaching.  

College and Education Necessities 

Becoming a teacher isn’t necessarily easy, but it saves you many extra years of schooling.  The minimum degree that a teacher must have is a bachelor’s degree, which is four years.  Most college options really depend on the area of education you want to go into.  For example, being a chemistry teacher has completely different information that you must learn in college, versus if you were to be a choir teacher.  

When Mr. Teeter was going through schooling, he first did 2 years of General Education, then did another 2 years at Fort Hays University.  He explained that the most difficult part of it was getting into the teaching program at Hays, since it had many requirements.  Something that could have set him apart from the other students could likely be the 26 that he scored on his ACT.  Of course it could have also been the enthusiasm and motivation he carried as well.  

Teaching also gives a sense of security for your future, and for some people, such as Mr. Teeter, it can also help you stay close with family and friends.  Not only that, but he also expressed his want to teach in a small school in Western Kansas, which is a passion that was achievable here.  Being a teacher is all about organization, but you have different experiences everyday with different students.  This keeps school fun, and secure.  

Negatives of Being a Teacher

With all good, there is also bad.  Being a school teacher can sometimes be tough when dealing with difficult students, but some may also say that this builds your character.  Learning to deal with different people is a very important aspect of life and helps to build patience, speech, and critical thinking.  Another con of being a teacher is the lack of promotion slots.  There are only so many positions available in a school, leaving not very many options if many teachers want to grow in their career from a classroom teacher.  

Lastly, one of the most unliked areas of working in a school is the fact that you have to be at school.  This is not a job where you can do the majority of the work from home, but most teachers seem to actually enjoy this.  Believe it or not, students can sometimes be fun to be around, which is why many teachers enjoy spending time at school. 


Now that you are informed of the many benefits of being a teacher, you can definitely add it to your list of careers.  This is not only a sometimes difficult job, but also a fun job, where you get to help the future generations grow and develop as people. Even if you don’t see yourself being a teacher one day, maybe this can help you to respect your teachers.  They put hours into preparing lessons, helping their students academically and emotionally, and grading hundreds of assignments. Most of us never really notice how important teachers are, but what would we do without them?

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