620 Club 

620 club is a club at our High school, in case you didn’t know. This club is hristian club, but it’s open to anyone. I Interviewed a student Neveah Sauseda about 620, and asked what she likes about her club. 

My first question for her was what is the goal of your club her answer was, 

“To teach high school students how to read the bible in a simpler way.”

High school students don’t read the bible, so this is a good way of getting involved with the Lord and your fellow students. My next question for her was regarding their current efforts to get more people involved in 620.  

“We’ve been able to host meetings and do large group devotionals.”

The great thing about this club is that there are a lot of people in it. My next question, regarding total attendance, addresses this subject directly.  

“We’ve consistently had at least 45.” 

My last question for her addressed her personal favorite activity that they’ve had so far, to which she answered affirmatively.  

“Hosting our first tailgate party with free food.”

Overall, 620 is a good club to join if you wanna get closer to God by reading the bible. With a lot of extra activities, you will never get bored in this club. My last question for Neveah asked how she plans to get more people to join. 

“Having a larger leadership team has greatly contributed to reaching more people. Additionally, it’s great to have access to social media, emails, and reaching out to people on a personal level.” Join 620 now!

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