Long-Term Effects Of Playing Sports 

By: Patricia Barajas

There are many long-term effects of playing sports, such as how you can gain a friend playing sports. That friend could be your one friend that is always there for you mostly because of that sport. Playing a sport requires teamwork. You have to be able to get along with everyone else to do good. It also wouldn’t be good to just argue with your teammates all the time. 

Playing sports at a young age can also help with your health. It can make you do a lot more stuff when you get older, instead of being one of those old people that can barely move around without help. The long-term effects can also be bad, such as messing up a part of your body. That could possibly affect your future and how you will be able to do stuff.

Injuries happen a lot because of sports. A main injury is people tearing their ACL. Some recover quicker than others, but the rest never recover, which then ruins their career in their sport. It also increases your chances of getting Osteoarthritis the older you get. If you don’t get that then there is a chance for you to get Spine Pathologies. Which is something that can cause struggles with your back later in life. 

This doesn’t mean that you can’t do sports, but it just means people have to take care of their bodies if they’re doing sports. You need an off-season to take time off from sports. Playing too many sports for so long will risk you getting injured. Some injuries may cause you to not be able to be how you used to be in life. This is how playing sports has long-term effects on your life. 

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